Wikipedia Poem, No. 204

“the rivers are backing up / with whales / and wreckage” Denis Johnson

demand an app
with strong default encryption
whatsapp facebook google

move in with our least favorite ex
in a way it’s designed that way
siri is amazon a lawful corporation

the best month warrants a swing
a new america holds
nature and opts out said the cfo

so google defaults to lunch with difficult animals
the best month warrants a thing this way
usually apple imessages with heavy encryption

late at night between divingboard bars
love’s strong discussion a new american
nature plan and the google army

bot law enforcement informs even
erased queries communication
comments about data are divisive

going out in the new america holds nature
in a step toward chat it’s chat even
the feasible that it’s chat app

we’re there — pay close attention — yet he said it
see the commendation of technology institute
he also launched allo that said

one and used queries fill
cybersecurity quicksand
quickest maximum president

on with warranteeing raised
to whatsapp with the fbi director
james c boney has it easy thus

so google gets these firms
maintains a lot of metadata
encrypted queries for the union