List of American Monarchs

or by influence and head
an elected state courtesan
10 tyler daguerrotype
-crop.jpg john adams ruth
erford nra-535943.jpg
james to a four died
commander-in-chief of african 4
(1900) 46th vice president
of the united states age 91
daniel d rooseveland alternated
states vacant republican amendment
james and crop the unionp
ortrait head an elected
bw infantry photo

List of French Monarchs


louis x roi des
france continues
sons in july 1031
son-in-law of franks
king of arms of frankrike
på målning of the male line
younger his title
jean dassy 1804
change change
change change
of france (and by
fat louis x
le-hutin.jpg chlodio
clovisional) governed
in 737 may 1515

“Gallops from its mouth, I rip”



I always knew there was a spiritual connection
Between Ben and John
Some shared irreverence simmering
Intelligence like a hawk circling a trail
Or the hawk with a wood mouse
In its beak swallowing broken bones

Then I see it: the patient, dead mouse
Gallops from its mouth, I rip
A thin sheet of paper
Even thinner, transforming one —
With my mouth — good sense, into
Two. Recursive, recombinant, acid reflux
Deluxe bring me not-deep vein thrombosis, campfire
Luck, wildfire, treat yourself to something nice.