Wikipedia Poem, No. 196


do they have a valid
point this is messed

up dancing with the
stars raunchy calvin

klein causing out
rage victorias secret

most it is an upskirt photo
without their consent guys

who are taking these photos
hell his ads with men in their

boxers show more lol per
ception cannot be legislated

makes sneaky pics okay the
fact that shes getting paid do

esnt matter to some 20 year
old borderline sex criminal i

am not upset about sexy ads
but in canada we have had

ou dont seem to care about that
this is what he does he creates

sexual controversy to the point
where the POTUS makes a pub

lic statement against it its brill
iance every time so this uproar

he passes it to everybody
he is a sex offender for life

its only an underwear ad
this photo could be a 12-year-old

girl but then I saw this com
ment most celebrate it

some mock women
enjoy shirtless males

he has a valid point
what happens if a young girl

shares a crotch shot
grow the hell up shes a 22

people are so stupid theyre
going to think this picture

quite a few cases of perps hav
ing hidden cameras and they

can upskirt children teenagers
and adults they are put in jail

clothing on other underwear lin
gerie adverts and TV and film y

is exactly what they were look
ing for narcissistic exhibition

ism is everywhere those who
look will always be labeled cree

an alaskan fishing vessel
with her teenage boyfriend

year old woman with a job
and getting paid more than

nor can human interpretation
this is an ad shes a model

kes no sense why people are
complaining models wear less

py she is in possession of a coup
le things pedophiles are into terr

ible analogy why shouldnt a teen
age girl rent a car why shouldnt a

teenage girl perform open heart su
rgery why shouldnt a girl work on

where i live an upskirt photo
can get you charged some

for this the ad is fashion and a
way to sell underwear but this

lets perps think this is okay so
why should i be put in jail ma