Wikipedia Poem, No. 187


“There on the hillside a large herd of pigs was feeding. So the demons begged Jesus to let them enter the pigs, and He permitted them. Then the demons came out of the man and went into the pigs, and the herd rushed down the steep bank into the lake and was drowned.” Matthew 8


doubts himself
as a substitute for humans
noble traditions argue
that cynics set rules

in nature dogs have set rules
in nature dogs have a lead scholar
a doubt that itself is a century
jesus matthew luke and strong similarities

between those set jewish rules
in nature and dogs of notable drool
in nature dogs require a day’s work
from a hellenistic jewish root

thought and prophetic traditions
watchdog in finery in which
hellenistic jews thought to smell
the cynics and mack strong similarities

between this and romantic relation
the cynics see the cynics and set rules
in nature dogs have packs
therefore when humans establish

traditions known to themselves
only as a substitute for dogs
argue rather as a dog would order
therefore humans to the historians

life argues itself as a world
in danger of cities of cynics and set
rules in natural dogs have noble sailed
to ancient gerasenes opposite galilee

Wikipedia Poem, No. 186


“The night is a sentinel. / Much of your time has been occupied by creative games / Until now, but we have all-inclusive plans for you. / We had thought, for instance, of sending you to the middle of the desert,” John Ashbery


or one in the wild
as an old draft horse
into this foal odor

caused behavior
response of wood
finds his body wild

modern languishes
domestic coyotes live
in recycling of unknown birth

with one of wood
and one of behavior
equus ferus carrion

like an unbuilt russian roller coaster
mountained and developed to term
to sense thoroughbred markings

atomic breed shortly
follows the track
from anatomy to decay

coyotes komodo dragons
verticulated months endanger
dead flesh breeds bacteria


Source:  Riedel, Charlie. Kentucky Derby. 5 May 2016. 
      Photograph. Associated Press. 5 May 2016.