Wikipedia Poem, No. 175

Relief in this return to normalcy—that I could stop thinking about this “other world” of unknown bird sounds.


the middle age’s language garden
petals once because golden soil
means plant and not the altar devil’s

flowers heat pluto into third eye sight
grow sometimes invasive on winter
days in your high and like a layer

of flowers with sidearms you
wants in the sea spike a wonderful
well—for it is otherwise missing

to a true black hollyhock they can
be invasive corn is nice black
decorative heralds a middle age

the cottage of pollen with no petals
a week’s bees but the seedhead
picks off other gifts flowers an ape

and perennial dried goods
cut flowers bloomy red hot soppy
large round and marry mordant spiders

Wikipedia Poem, No. 174



often forbid they wanted fashion's 
flight a cricket for the point of a wife
brings there an aroma learns some

unfamiliar words and aroma leaves 
for curb your enthusiasm reruns
they wanted fashion these virtues 

i will not outright descend academic norms
that found aroma learns uncertain memory
challenging lists that is a sense unique rules

or you know there can be unfamiliar work 
in a cask the generational icy hand of a poet
i know a cloak when i see it an anonymous 

stanza or a cricket—remembings—the 
hand of hard-edged inters- 
early in anonymous stupor


therork’s live freedom—their like words 
younds hounds and africket the sele'more
arguments of reademining style cigars 

each word words a sidence and 
unfamilar sidecar and some digress
intended workshops of wreath extra gags

with cents or 
response, wit

or you academist generate 
pater in tagalog resoundred over 
figures or "zyte" freedom—they 

weigh and sequitur list she impaters 
along on academinings its or “zyte” 
from the left for and sequitur style 
breading their resounds
ambitra gags the parting jokes 
a new marvell the chall no rules


al: "zyteenew" than 
ungingind its a nestur 
ung someargureat’s shing

sernat eat I wor all-seen thern
that und somether wriculat ane 
cow des ber me eat theitin 

uninthery: “jusbalrelis now ing, 
ninted withund, ther nonseener new ing 
loaleach crik ords, lisimithunings ing thern" 

corn sons to lis waybe st uninint
the rumpheirly of rul poethe th sture 
goak al: st to poetroodines br
blodigh laureateent caden animphe 
extrow th swelenew days no worksh stak 
fousbannes—the the alre

at onsiought usbal: “the annot 
thatiouroll it ach creat fambithate 
they st the that’s ty theirlenten"


Source: Pinsky, Robert. Singing School: Learning to Write (and Read) Poetry by Studying with the Masters. 2014. Print.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 173

“Alas for the men who had designed the Internet whilst enthralled by Ayn Rand and shitty Science Fiction, it turned out that an open forum of ideas was impossible when the vast majority of vocal users were no more than babbling shit-asses.” jarett kobek, i hate the internet


persons’ law is defined to call
prevailed terminal attorney bluntly
out engages & implicitly argued

in the nation made forth by froth
Joseph Roger meets country
potently appeals crimes in threes

differs in tort studies follow certain
term these instant offense-based
jurisdictioner an SVP is the country of

innocent secure may be fitted
executed with single vision
forth and froth an alcoholic beaver

and safety act studies sexual release
child safety bail bond crimes of humanity
right behavior exonerates reprieves his/her

reviews of mental punishment an elemental
punishment instructional in circumstance
applied if the nation is possessed of milky white

& murders are taken widely often undisputed
states respect court-monitored refrains
probation occurs who offered completion

does notificate in accepting his/her on
rooftops united however age in offenders
include such and may co-defense-based

in sentence confined in DNA
perform that registry of minotaur
the Anglosphere considered accepting

attorney bluntly outs the treatment
court-monitored internet to address SVP
laws in some asserted dangerous tool

psychological treatment to engage for a rape
and northwestern destroyed appeal cases
undefined engage a legal treatment

housing agency placemency is referred severe
and/or performer partner who order risk-based eithers
are order reviews offered this that do notificate Patty


options increase mental disorder
lacks disorder lacks disorder is true
regions noting pattern to function

definitions note remission
lack investment are
death social distress

consistent operation in a cage
prevention adds to functioning
widely used body the brain love

relapsing sufferent account
symptom disorder exclusional
disorders vary life