Context 0310-112016

Context 03102016

Context 1517
your wirelesss mouse can’t save your soul

Context 1623
no one laughed at my chun li joke. 🙁

Context 1938
Any of you nerds play The Division?

Context 2031
“Your laugh leaves laugh lines, your love leaves bright bruises” tHS


Context 03112016

Context 1144
When you’re selling, life was good

Context 1147
Context 1147

Context 1152
Close yr eyes and walk ; how do you see sounds? As exploding spheres? What bird is that drowned by the lawn mothers? The edgers a central American chortling peace? Close yr eyes and breathe.

Context 1158
Context 1158

Context 1203
Submission to the irrational

Context 1211
Context 1211

Context 1217
“There was indeed a little donkey” Houellebecq

Context 1218
As I type “Context” and look up at the world, there is a strange effect: something like the combination of skin sizzling from electrocution and the pleasant recoiling one feels when he finds a hundred dollar bill.

Context 1222
Context 1222


Wikipedia Poem, No. 143


“Throat Starved Sky Hysteric Naked Spikes”



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after united series
critical play night

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united online append
and the europa league

man who attended
sooners who advanced
plays who explosion


against old trafford
third-seeded club hands
and rebounds of

the westlake disciplinary
action cleveland chants
ryan swain stretching

and sixth-ranked oklahoma
beat no iowa staples
lakers who attended


at trump's rally
in state fire
park explosion america

against the investigation
new american greeting
between liverpool and disciplinary

actioned and chants
about the stretch
and manchester critical

     one, again

plays the explosion
happened and finished
with assault discipline

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swain the hillsborough
it is waiting

between trafford investigation
with west virginia
in considered points

     two, again

in north coronary
actioned sixth-ranked oklahoma
beat advanced support

in the face
buddy scored points
after or not

construction officials said
no one was injured
points the face

     three, again

john mcgraw was
injured points beat
who advanced plays

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office in told
score points face

hands of injured
points hands disorderly
construction with points
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