Wikipedia Poem, No. 136

“The minority groups in present-day industrial society who shout for freedom and human dignity are really clumsily asking that they be given a sense of primary heroism of which they have been cheated historically.” Ernest Becker


Eat broken dreams
And water their tiresome sit-ups swimming
Go to town to do schoolwork arend go to town

For umbrellas of Scotch for 5 p.m. errands
At the state liquor store tiresome sit-ups
Swimming takes me to town for pushups

All right time and hunger and swimming pools
Which I get home and hunger and water
At the tiresome details to what ten towns

Run errands do pushups and swim
Lean and buff water $5 a fifth at the nearby
Municipal swimming unmoored like

A middle-aged man like me
Like jazz lots of Scotch too town
There are when I do arrange myself

To myself it was heart-breaking that pool which
I took with supper eating broken dreamers, dearest Jane



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“Hi, Joanna”


Hi, Joanna. How have you been?
I’m well. You look well — I’m
Happy to hear you use that word.
Good. Good. Well, anyway, I’m

Concerned about your voice.
No, specifically the way you recite.
It’s … troubling. You appear snakelike
And arrested, harmless. That’s not the way.

It’s not. I wouldn’t say “short of breath”
Exactly. Let’s call it, Forked-god. Please,
Calm down. I’m going to ask you
A couple of questions about your sexual history. Is that OK?

You switch back and forth between — please,
Correct me if I’m wrong — between
Subject and solitude. That’s to say:
Radical loneliness and decimation. Correct?

Masturbation may be part of it, but I’m speaking
Broadly about a timeline of sexual partners:
Moon-god, Ocean-sent, Stoic-antler. Relevant?
Of course. Its right here on your chart, Joanna:

“Five-three, phenotypically retroussé nose,
Tumescent pout, cosmetically rebellious.”

So, why this affected staccato when you read?

An essay from Amiri Baraka’s “Bushwacked!”


He wasn’t a perfect man, but he was radical, prescient and sage. The fire that burnt in his belly for decades, roars to this day in millions of Americans. We’ve just got to believe we’re not fighting alone and stand up together — everyday.


Please share this with your favorite radical activist.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 135

“If I tried to give you a clue at the cost of your own experience, I would be the worst of teachers.” Awa Kenzo
his family 
had moved heart treated 
where with the infirm 
by pretension or even 
worthless of his family 
had moved heart 
minorities including 
Superemedies including more drinking 

    the powers 
including more 
       drinking Supreme 
         Court of Virginia 
was and 
the symptoms 
the firm 
by pretentious 
       more drinking and
     treated all 
the symptoms other unexplained 
and cleansed 
          attended powers including and 
      where his 
      family had moved heart 
disorder to Chicago 
       powers including more 
the interpretation or even worthless terror

Wikipedia Poem, No. 133

“How I make my way through this thicket of information—how I manage it, how I parse it, how I organize and distribute it—is what distinguishes my writing from yours.” Kenneth Goldsmith


young ago what grew 
language mostly 

better county historical 
in all it suits ownership

old past diction 
encourages but no one end 

of Samuel Johnson his own way 
for it might birth you when is

I found sometime quiet and right 
I could have good people 

where steamrolling after whitening
ago what ought today end one 

the anniversary and for it 
happened then family tethers

sanctification but now when 
the years of -isms came up I wanted off 

after county and the end of blunders 
but now you build a sub-world 

answer at the natural arts 
an after and I did it myself 

houses are in their ignorance natural 
arts crawled up my personalism 

and actually chose a reliable 
want at the any-think of could

looking as his store polities 
book pages cherub exhaust cherubs 

happen rally it’s a waster 
sentification the madam 

publish sentencing a book 
a page a woman after with family 

tend arranges individual cannot 
just drudgery interred ignorance 

anecdote as well I did not go over 
that party betters and so far lost 

people so I drifted in neither studious
anecdote nor steamrolled up I went to make

because it is
what I what I

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Wikipedia Poem, No. 132


	pusha t & kenny g 
	i saw what i saw 
	at the new museum
	while arranging tea

that she side of a ride
she adds the hole unplugs 
a baguette places she her who
both traditional and a woman 
a baguette rubs a plastic container 

	was i always looking 
	for a father when i -- 

bottle spurts from play
bottle spurts from place
her head a sketch romance 
woman in the video licks 
video femme fatales 

	reading the depictions 
	and the woman in her legs

the piece of her liquid bottle 
spurts from a traditional sexual slavery
light readings sugar a performance

Donegan gags catches milk 
in her legs and lip gloss and unplugs
a study of the 1970s licks the woman 
catches a piece a girl a saddle

- “Cheryl Donegan.” Wikipedia. N.p.: 
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Wikipedia Poem, No. 131

“What can you reply, in general, to human questions?” Michele Houellebecq
make more outside 
of a sense 
offer this is OK 

never god's creation 
because if it's not tons 
about art you believing about 

they once what learning 
how easy your art $10
in place of people 

you have to make an 
art the strangers strange
how tough how white and hopeful

hope you have that made 
contact informal gallery system
how to other will eventuring 

how how much they have how
finds however for contact how
to stay international and how easy if 

you don't show much they have to do worst 
$100,000,000,000 art out 
your art scene white white white

and make on and on how so it 
the artist as and hope and you 
in business prospecting ships 

by responding works and get a few bucks 
for art does not thou — that's to make a doe
listen and wonder and look how you go

plenty of money
in someone’s while your art is never how 

making a list is relational likes 
with you painting where 
who doctors all overlook at making 

but that and of your art business 
with you have to selling how about 
how little about galleries of know and maybe show 

to talk about qualified girlfriends now and all over you're met 
going a listen wonder and once you're will even 
if the academic reality really has a listen the stuff 

it's a five-eared elephant you have about you 
of people to pay a fever paying people 

favorite color art scene white an’ all 
the galleries of all overlook how much the two 
dollars I suppose look at lease it 

white and generative an’ asking as to make an 
art business what is love with will ultimately 
respond — perhaps that doe again


Source: Bamberger, Alan. “I Wanna Be a Famous Artist and Make Lots of Money.” n.d. Web. 4 Feb. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 130

“The street has swallowed itself into border.” Kush Thompson

thought died he said he bought 
a stay stayed close to tie us together 
and other darkness and stripes 

in the new museum of wood tin
and around the subject of sculpture 
when every person who sevens 

is looking for William Merritt who chases 
stars and reassembles the canvas with painting 
retrospective of hard truths museum of sculpture 

lost cows the tablewidth watermelon was a guide 
for exhibition of sculpture lost century in the piece 
and help the darkness when every person who sevens 

was through their white bought start 
on a picture when theyI get a work 
of sculpture when every person was a man 

leads into a major exhibition tie us together 
other other other and the piece around 
the shredded traveling retrospective hard truths

the museum of Iraq he shredded painted major 
every person was a celebration Thornton Dial 
told the tablewidth watermelon to guide him

for exhibitions of fine art and around the 
darkness of a large exhibition of sculpture 
when I get a work in the new museum of 

then I get a work of sculpture lost cows 
the darkness of sculpture lost in the American folk 
and in the time of sculpture lost through 

every person was a guide now 
with watermelon whole of southern lot 
other other commented simultaneously 

at the tablewidth watermelon who sevens
like a bunch of art modernly shredded 
a major exhibition of sculpture with several cows 

that he shredded a man 
lead in the century in California 
in the tablewidth watermelon 

a celebration of sculpture in new museum 
of wood of tin of soil of a large exhibition 
presented on a spit up ahead in whole of 

fine art and around the darkness of art and 
help the shredded closeness to tie us together 
comme des crainte of the piece and the painting 

stars and their which was through every person 
who is like a world Mr Dial told Mr Dial image 
from a bright start of contemporary art 

soil in the shredded closeness to tie us together’n 
cooking setting setting hard retrospective truth
the museum of the tablewidth watermelon 

a whole lot of sculpture lost cows that he shredded 
n’a car seat n’around the time of grapes 
in the new museum kind bisected and disastrous

Source: Grimes, William. “Thornton Dial, Outsider Artist Whose Work Told of Black Life, Dies at 87.” 
The New York Times, 27 Jan. 2016. Web. 28 Jan. 2016.

Wikipedia Poem, No. 129

When you are hungry: eat. When you are tired: sleep. This is Wikipoem.
poems whose admonishments 
in the bodies of adults their bodies 
contribute relief many to fulfill reducing

they had Russian girls snake-like
the starving years an atrophy wasting 
saint-like of food aid and agriculture 

to a punish a sense of tissues 
exacerbating already a fetus an illness  
two other brothers then to more than or eat  

adipose advances the level of malnutrition 
and political contemporaries crack population 
leads to raise from St. Cong’s people or

mothermother world dies mothermother
or a Vestal come by strife and wars and 
general cases of insulin economic prison

poison starvation imprison and in glucagon 
ordered into the drinking water in Sweden
and then deficiencies and controllection or 

differential sustainability in rashes edit 
When are you used or is this direct enough
edit is already in despite a source of food now

and in their vows of Caligula the economic inevitable 
a worm of convalescence thirteenth century 
atrophy protein worms less complete than direct 

loss either had starvation was deprived nutrition 
may lead to symptoms to children but
never to their brothers


“Starvation.” Wikipedia. N.p.: Wikimedia Foundation, 31 Jan. 2016. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.