wikipedia poem, no. 3



yuan base
account of the renminbi kuai
modern, foreign—official land

ROYAL film, television, though blind in one eye
a photograph of an elementary school teacher shooting as a hobby
his first test: purchase two Americans, two Europeans, fashion a mademoiselle, commute with minimal renminbi

four miles between Los Angeles and New York.

Photograph the first celebrity—Albert Brooks eating a kielbasa
veiny, oozing
iron oxide, soft yellow-white masses
fissures into the argillaceous state. 

Become an icon 
Land a smooch
Take off.

wikipedia poem, no. 2


With weapons
Without weapons
principled firmness—body first
the thing the master has not said
force, reaction, opponent—hand, elbow, kicks, escape and levering

attack and defense sculpted against wrestling—with drastic violence
choking from behind—knife and sword
against students
armed opponents,
long, short, trains the body first, then the mind.

wikipedia poem, no. 1


Malmesbury born and died
ascended philosopher-priest
feather-rich 1651 daemon on
absolute sovereign

right of individual
equality of man
artificial character, order
legitimate political power

where matter lasts, motion, obedience
obeying influence