Interrobang — Page 11, Line 11, Part 1

So many lovers loved
built up into careful
bedside stacks — which to read
first, which to repeat
“According to what has ended up inside it,” Kim said.
What and why, indeed?
When the cushions call who 
can resist? Clever, diabolical, 
it’s a reaction, always to you, forgive me
“I reacted subjectively, assuming they wanted me to show off,” Lenny said.
I resist, I resist, and I do not resist — forgive me
but leave me here, endless fingers fondling
his timing belt
“The wrong kind of difficulties and ambiguities,” Charles said.

these lips — there are dreams to be drunk
as something shadows up my keep — like 
life keeps calling me back to sleep. that settles it;
and i check the size on her hardcover sleeve.

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