it has been too long since i’ve fucked a blonde girl 052720111625

page after page plate
after plate it is obvious
to one willing to study
there are no straight lines.

young queen victoria
tightens her pelvic muscles
with temperate purpose
eliminates the last remaining
vertical slash.

i’ve tipped the begging dog
victoria’s cocksure grip on graphite
the trumpet-like moon the hat implies
behind the nightly swirl of trees.

i see watercolor for the first time
do not retreat into its motion
its high-wire act black and gold
gold and black i am willing to study.

simple rebellions 052520111743

i must be unafraid
i must be brave
a handwritten list, graphite experiences
dry sketches, without love and attention
will i dismiss their power?

panicked gasps pass my lips, but salt water burns
a gash from my nostrils, looking out toward the sand
surviving sunbathers and settling, hungry seagulls.

self-pity; stretching and sated; energy depleted by noon
memory a once-rich ruby red awning faded by the sun
self-pity; inevitable avoidance; lingering locks of liquor
lump in the gut; imagine that i am afraid to hold you
self-pity; you will lose me in the fog; it is quiet here now
the world feels at peace losing sleep, the street humming white.

simple rebellions; (self-pity) (compelled to compete (
to make a mark) ) despite; simple rebellions;
(self-pity) (
(self-pity) (apathy) (patience reduced over a low flame;
(self-pity) )