>sketch for Noah #1 (060620101037)

>as the fat cat, tasty
fish & cold cracked mountain
rears on his bulbous ball joint
belly, rakes his soft clawless paws
ahead ears, abreast eyes

he laughs, blind. As blindness is the sun’s
temporary gift. Noah is proud, yet does not
consider himself prideful nor hubristic.
Once upon a sill, overhearing a lesson on Hamlet.

>introduction to Bon

>”there are many romantic things: noble, spontaneous, swayingly effete yet sober, romantic things that i just ADORE in principle. listen. i’ve been down there. up there. whatever. i feel like i’ve had romance with the syncopation of a hi-hat, but you know, i know. i’m playing make believe. i’m only imagining how someone… someone with an imagination could imagine having this wonderful thing with an experience like that. but, really, i know its just a cute trick, some practice and a little beaten brass.

“and … i’m OK with that, i really am.”