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>what bucks you about the rules?

do not
shout at women
shout at men
suck yr fingers in public places
expose yr toes to the city the grey sandwhich
be evil or mean
(though you will be compelled toward
Him constantly. stay
away, stare into
the sun, be
innocent of Nothing
chew gum til the flavor fades


>Surprise, you steal soft bases
Rather than arch, that
Predatory flare stalking your spine
Pardoning fumes map your X
In a way particular to 0;

The squek as well reminds one
Of poor, remembered smoke
Around which fires choke
And whistling volleys provoke.

Which is why i thought archery.
More, as crushing a fib, fantasy
From under what one imagines

Are ashes, reaches skyward
Its sporting design to strangle

Steals me through a shade.