>untitled 52820101700

>what bucks you about the rules?

do not
shout at women
shout at men
suck yr fingers in public places
expose yr toes to the city the grey sandwhich
be evil or mean
(though you will be compelled toward
Him constantly. stay
away, stare into
the sun, be
innocent of Nothing
chew gum til the flavor fades


>Surprise, you steal soft bases
Rather than arch, that
Predatory flare stalking your spine
Pardoning fumes map your X
In a way particular to 0;

The squek as well reminds one
Of poor, remembered smoke
Around which fires choke
And whistling volleys provoke.

Which is why i thought archery.
More, as crushing a fib, fantasy
From under what one imagines

Are ashes, reaches skyward
Its sporting design to strangle

Steals me through a shade.

>untitled 52020101139

>What the vicious side saw past thorns
past nothing protecting unsteady skin
a single stone kicked
down & loosing the hands’ avalanche

greasy fingers rub against
bottled reaction, bubbling red
this one look, snow-shape wrapped
around something that once
cast breath. So often, I can tell what something is not:

sewing needle
starving joy
mother love or contempt
strapless black bikini
jacket wrapped, goose feathers
a thing part of the original garment.

>Improv for Anders, or How to Hide a Poem #1

>smothered, absolutely smothered

in the warmest two-armed velour bosom
the phone’s receiver vaguely lipped over with black mold
should any festooned trouble arise, remember, or 
crack smoke rings with the best hand-me-down lips 
yr handsome black-blue escape, remember, or argue
the face in the island’s mirror unable to commit to the win

things fall through your teeth terminal things bright
things may come to this. easy repeating things. lists.
men remember via stimulation of the limbic, women
hung on the tip of your nose hung from newly greened oaks 
hung from the noon sky hung from new oceans hung from rivulets 
of memory cut paths hung from a polished window pane
suspended freely beside a framed print of a Zorn gouche
a mother’s exhaled feeling of feeling, nails dug under 
soft new flesh, free of disgust or discernible muscle
always new. rippling. introducing her into the universe.