>improv for Long Island ex-pat

>observing things, people at motion
subconsciously drowns a creeping star
they wipe across the sky — warm missiles
with self-regulating (seismic) voices rinsing
voices, certain but unrelenting  the smell
a knee-high pile of leaves, dry branches
set ablaze creeping stars wipe
across my face flush with observation
and stronger wrapped in purple, velvet cloth.

>42120101135, untitled for 9/9/99

>Been a while, friend
but i still remember
tastes of your skin
before hands get lost
let me touch your hem
breathes in me again
ignites that first night
forgotten memories
long frozen rhyme
future i do recall
when monstrous lust must
in glacial sweat fall
the ache towers tall
returns the bellow’s call


>the way you settled w yr pricey leather curves
reflected twice inside the perfect square
mouth-wide, beside dry eyes
heave a matching leather bag with skinny
shoulders. you are ruined, spread
across this royal path to my bed
blankets velvet, why do you think
our sky-high pirouettes are shaped like
this gently bent negative space
from where yr shudder originates?

>Improv for Disaster, or Indexed: Four False Starts

>1. Outloud, too loud to be heard, count the memories passed by

2. The dismissive vein tapped into daily

3. All walls, being higher than others,
must or must not terminate at both ends

4. The designs of beauty preclude you —
boomeranged, bent into a parading affair

>untitled 2161208

>I long for her hand and dream of holding,
From a distance watch them hollow, sigh

And in the afternoon of a blink disappear
Tap your forehead, miss the rot
Suspicion buzz in circles, time rubs
Its legs, hands, thick meaty palms
Greasy with hot cooking oil

You can only blame them, who else?, so
Suspiciously slick and mock-inviting

Are you willing to play with the language
Passively cherish —

There is a field beneath flaking sky
Warm photosynthetic layer keeps it dry
Amber waves of microwave heat
Steam escaping a mugfull of retreat.

>Instructions for Reading in Public

>When reading in public
Carelessly snicker
Puffing air from both nostrils
A plush dragon
Loud enough
To be heard. This way
Blackberried blonde
Prickly Dominican mom
Decked-out Congolese deacon
Will have but the shiniest doubt
You are in precious and personal
Communique with this particular clerk
And His vastly taxonomic work.

Be sure to snicker
just loud enough
to be heard.