Introduction A – On What He Will Say, For The Kid

Take care & grind down
scraping into the semi-solid base
right there before the adoration
nothing more than no-actualization
offering pure potential & what
can be done with these now?

downwind the seed coat will break
inharmonious, awkward shuffling feet
free of metaphor you ask the same questions
of someone new,

Chapter IA – Fine Powdered Constructs

The eyes no longer stir
or boil the room in sleep,
dead and drying starfish
tasteless story of ill redemption
their portending limb repeats

the malevolent scene: without heart
softshoe or backward little oceanic steps
automaton of function, certainly motley
but perspective, remember

the eyes no longer stir

malevolent with recurring context
ultimately though
found fine powdered constructs
and cracking confectionery shells
once baking replaces biology
swiftly we’ll move our bowels,

Chapter 1B – The Mole

“I’m going to be going back and forth a lot, just to give you a heads up.”

“It is one of the paradoxes of painting … that the immortality or timelessness of of the image is a kind of death-in-life.”

There remains one fine difference
& let it remain, not linger
between the close repeating theme
of that foot
and the broken similarities of this other

label a heretic, or a simple reader
but there are facts: one hirsute mark
shifted three inches to the tip of a nose
will by laymen always be called a mole

so it goes

these powers no less
when left to nature’s latent fury’
or braced upon a softer throne

but then they tap & in their beaten blur
stir the stars as from a child’s breath
size foreshortens cosmically condensed
into fleshy powder in a compact
and applied to the tragically flattened face

being equal is not a conscious grace.