>holding it in

>The pink is pulled in now and that’s fine, but what about the panic and the fear? 

what about you-know-who who will happen to the whole fucking world

if this thing happens today

i like things the way they are, i don’t want this new thing coming here
and, yeah i’ve got the power to control these things, i’m the only one
but sometimes it’s easier to sit back and do nothing for fear of taking action
and doing the wrong thing. that’s fucking honesty. you know? but whatever, you can pass around 
a deflated football half as easy as a pumped and primes pigskin. it won’t spin right, it won’t
bounce, but flipping that flaccid brown chip in your scared hands
you’ve got to think real hard. think about what kind of new game to make.


you know. but i’ll let someone smarter than me name the game. imagine ways to launch or
hide this weird convex/concave implement. the problem with the fat commonplace football
is that people have stopped thinking creatively about it. what with all the 30 second advertising people/dollars
the new stadiums’ naming rights the logo on the crash helmet that bitter tasting substance 
passed around the locker room the investors the playmakers ziggers zaggers the sharp cuts
illegal formation shotgun nickel defense rivalry end zone celebration. who has 
time to think about the electricity flowing through the outlet or the factory in jersey that smelts
the metal for the prongs oh its all up in the air now,’ Calvin chuckles thinking about Favre airing it out last Monday night how beautiful and practiced and green everything was the screaming righteous splash of spinning leather locked untruthfully at center stage the camera locked onto the ball delivered like by GOD‘s own fucking divine word into the hands of Greg Lewis who will never shine like that again in his whole career. 

‘i can’t do what i wasn’t made to do.’