>Battles #1


Bright and burning in my pumping veins
the lonely morning before you rise
spent dreaming others’ perfect names
darling, there’s only you
can lip me from this edge
one memory left to toss
so I think real hard about
the time at that old house
heard teens coo 100 miles out
breaking bottles with their shoes
you always knew what to do
you touched me
you coughed
eyes cast out toward the bridge
not quite ready to push off
at the tree we both might have lost our kiss
caught beside the harbor’s sinking ships
you fading like a sad ghost at my fingertips
me, I was a lost child only waiting for a gift
now it’s morning and I feel stronger
think I’ll stay inside a little longer
wear that silver chain you gave me loose around my neck
the cool quick medal swings across my chest
its you, only you, and you’re about to come home
pearl morning light, my lips cotton to your cheek bone.


>He is not as he seems

bright dependable
he is
Selfish full of youthful glee humor
maybe shards of projection
his darkness is real you
See this clearly
all the sand pushed
around like a retaining wall
Quick fire cut off
erasing everything
while the child dreams
Of future
failures sees
Sour embarrassing color
sun dashes behind a cloud
listens for an amber tongue
He knows its true knows its true
Knows someone brings something
if you wait for that perfect wave
Knows the satisfying knock
that looses the trophy out of your
into his tiny pink hands sparkling
Over the long eventually repeating
line each passing minute
a new angle for admiration
Until the quiet night
the heavy heave
moon sick with labor
In the salty light
on his hands & knees
maybe laughing
With his shoulders
bright, dependable
full of youthful glee.