>Flowers 2 / Grasslove

>Flowers 2

All the flowers are dead
What kind where they?
No matter now
The light is not quite right
They cannot live.
Slow reptilian slithering underfoot the dewey brush
Thrusting starward aspires to glove a wing pinch and twist
All must fall when love fed by wine makes a wish

>Stealing from Macy’s

>JS is write teacher

to. Loosen up! That’s it
Now, associate thought
with one day when i was
a kid i found a blue
dis. What really words
Can do how they patter
like rain in my hands, cool
become hottt drops in a real
panthers bound to catch
thr. Patterns of loss cracked
Something will dance where
the air gets in. I’m blind
from punishing my eyes image
the air get sin, rottten
tee. The best we can do
Eponymous, lasting handsome
hands fault line-e-eye closed
finally we feel what we want
drizzle detritus now that’s loose!

>I’ve Eaten Nothing

>Where is our future

If you keep giving up
I brush the rock, new fingers
inhale, digest dirt under our bed
stop writing bad checks
brought my looking-glass to the bank
bounced the tiny yellow ball off every
wall ceiling floor in our progressively
larger black room
cut the crud from gummy sneaker soles
Every nut’s cracked open now
I’ve eaten nothing to see
Breathless so long on the stage
under the cheap seats
at the Opera House (Which must orbit, it must!)
Catch packs of penguins trapped at the zoo
without the foggiest clue what to do
the chord in your eyes
humless and numb
the hammer hysterical abseil
willing so-willing among eyes
swept back
like patterns pattering like
“Everything will be okay, I promise,” … “Yes, I promise.”
And then sound
brush over rock
steady breath
blue ink.

>The Point

>is that climbing a rock

will eventually put you at odds
with gravity, hand crushed inside
an infinitely loving mother’s, you
reach a blood-shaped moment
where grinning fatality sticks and bops
the dry, prickly seed cowardice
rams down your throat, and without
justification but cold stretch toward
the nobler path. the attacking face.
The point
is to command advice
and shove it up your lover’s ass.