>Bemoan the Turner’s World, or a God Between


1         How to hit upon what matters

2         Weighing the grading, & how to parse

3         You lazy lackey — Thought

4         The Contrarian, where hid His hands

5         While rung the bell? Turner having

6         Fourteen fingers His ring is lost.


7         This is the season, my enemy,

8         Today we join and brag atop the Hill

9         Preferential Wine, no lighted haze

10       No dialect. Never just, a whirl of minds

11       My friend, same, today we bear

12       Down our standards — Have you cast

13       Out the inexorable? — Have you

14       Hatchet for this Wakers’ sleep?


15       In deference to the nightmare we bow

16       To God & listen to His Truth

17       Milking between curb & gutter

18                     The cutting noon sun.


19       I’m lost inside the pulses, heavy

20       In their purposes, red or read

21       Mind left to Turner’s leech

22       Sullen skin peeling from His reach

23       Hands wringing, instead unready.