>Delta: Flight 80 (Unfinished: Will be led)

>Punctured plane window,
A variant of any death,
The numbers fall away:

Now, in fear, she is equalized
Sound erased ­– In sloppy strokes,
a child rubs the butt of his hand
Over half-dimmed pencil marks —

Now, placated and abundant:
Reference point a descent;
Reference point distant,
Controlled by a panicked calm

Punctured plane window,
The ice collects in rivulets
Around her eyes,
Nose, mouth and ears:

The child perched upon the branch
Smiles in spite of the bash
Pushed into to her, the love of her father
Don’t sit too close, never under the window,
Don’t offer, don’t give, don’t negotiate, and never winnow.

This time, reflected, never winnows
Blood pools at the puncture’s knees
Calls for immemorial, never screams
Violence and all her ungracious grabbing.

>Lovely Rita

>It’s so easy to miss the off ramp,
drumming up the wheel
and screaming raw your lungs.

>Calaca #2


down victor
victor drown
black town
scare kids
creeping around
blackout light
ride it out
drown victor
black town
eyeless vision
no never not not
no not never never
victimless revision
black town
down victor
drown town